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Relevance of "Social Studies" as a college major to product management

Whenever people ask me what I majored in at college, I always hesitate a bit before answering. The real answer is  Social Studies , though I typically don't give this answer anymore. People would either give me a puzzled look or a snide comment, such as "Oh, I took that in 5th grade." So I started answering that I majored in sociology. Not many people really know what sociology is either, but at least it doesn't sound like a 5th grade subject. Here's a good explanation  of what the Social Studies program is about: Social Studies is a unique program of study at Harvard College. ...It reflects the belief that the study of the social world requires an integration of the disciplines of history and political science, sociology and economics, anthropology and philosophy. Concerned with the fragmentation caused by increasing disciplinary specialization, the faculty and students of Social Studies seek an integrated approach to the study of social phenomena that synthes